Sunday, April 13, 2008

Adventures in Speaking

We heard that they had found the tickets for us last night. Rene and I got really exited to the point it was hard to sleep. For some reason I had the first verse of the song "The Presidents" stuck in my head. Needless to say I've had better nights. Wouldn't you know it Today was the day Rene and I had the opportunity to share at Windsor Assembly of God. I originally didn't think it would be much different than other speaking we have done. That is until we had to wake up...Earlier than my body wanted... Much earlier. Getting to church was smooth and I soon began to think I had little to be concerned about. I even thought to myself this will be cake. As we started the presentation the PowerPoint slides were advancing on their own. So about a minute in it dawned on me "something is wrong." No-worrys, Only NINE MINUTES TO GO. Every time I started to reference a slide it would change. It was the most disjointed presentation I have ever given. It was so bad I skipped over Rene's part and didn't notice. It eventually finished and Rene thanked the Pastor and congregation. After the service I found out that I had accidentally used the wrong presentation (one that was timed. I felt so bad for the lady running the PowerPoint system. Of all the people in the congregation we talked to after the service not one of the said a thing about it. Now that is gracious. On the contrary, We had people come up to us and encourage us about our calling. One individual even stated She wanted to support us monthly.
How humbling is that. It is times like these when I am reminded it is not me who is making this happen. I have seen God bless us in spite of my incompetence to many times to think otherwise. Thank the Lord for Grace and mercy we have been consistently extended.

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