Sunday, April 20, 2008

Closer and closer

We are getter ever closer and closer to leaving. Our flight leaves in less than three days.

Everyone is well. We're doing many lasts these days; last trip to Wall-mart, last laundry day, last visit to church, last family get together, last trip to the local coffee shop, last video rental, not to mention last time seeing many people (goodbyes). I wish last trip to the gas station was on the list.

We have all felt the transition. It seem Caleb is getting tired of the unpredictability. It seems the only places he is settled are his room, the car, and the grand parents house. He has recently become quite comfortable verbalizing his boundaries. This is both encouraging and inconvenient.

When our laptop went down a while back I had taken it to the local shop. They had told me that they no longer replaced the power input ports because they often wouldn't "take". He said he would look at it any ways. After he had looked at it he decided that it most likely was the power port but wouldn't do the work himself. After the part came in they let me use their shop and tools to dismantle, remove the defective part, solder on the new one, reassemble, and test the laptop. It seems to have taken. We have seem no sign of the previous problem in the last 2 days and we have tried our best to make it happen. I think it may be fixed. It will be so convenient for Rene and I to be able to work on different things at the same time. What a blessing. I just hope it is a long time before we have to do computer repair/replacement again.

Our verbal commitment on our monthly support has reached 94%. Very encouraging. We will have to keep raising the rest of it and we will also need the Verbal to match the actual but this is very big for us. We are so encouraged by everyone that we meet and know God will provide in his time. Never early, never late.

To some up: lasts, goodbyes, Nnnnhhhhho, Laptop fixed, and 94%.

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