Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Buy tickets soon

Well, we have finally reached the point of looking for tickets. We are SOOOOO excited! We have some appointments to make and are going to continue to raise support even after we are gone.
I (Joe)was pretty sick yesterday and felt horrible. All I have to say is "chunks." We had one meeting with the large church that we've been going to for the last few years. The meeting was very encouraging and they have decided to support us. We also contacted two other people and they also have decided to support us. It is all coming together. We are at 86% of our monthly support. We have much peace.
Logan is doing well he is reading more and more books. We had been reading the same 6 books for the last six months. At some about a month ago Rene made a deal with Logan that for every book he mastered we would get a new book for him to read. He has been going through a 3-4 books a week since then. We are very encouraged.
Logan is exited to leave. He keeps saying "I can't wait to fly on and airplane." I have a feeling that after 20 in airplanes two transfers in a 24 hour period he may have a change of heart for the next trip... I hope not.
Caleb has been doing well for the most part. We got off his diet when we went to Iowa. Boy does it make a difference. He spent a large part of last week "stimming" and "spazzing". We are glad to see he has calmed down now. Caleb has done real well in this transition. He has been making more sounds and I believe that he has a definable "no" it sound more like "nnnnnnho." His first word is "no", go figure.
We are exited about moving onto the next stage of our adventure.

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