Thursday, May 22, 2008

Normal.... For us.

It seems like we have been super busy lately. We have had lots of end of school year functions, a few guys had graduation, banquet for the high school guys, visits by the head of the AH board, meeting tons of people, official meetings, paperwork, physicals for the guys that are going to collage and two holidays . That is all in one week. Did I mention parenting 13 new boys?
We have arrived at an especially busy time of the year. It has been tiring but it also gives us confidence that we are going to be just fine. Through all of this we have made progress on the other things that we needed to do to settle in a little more.
The one thing that has bummed us out is that good batteries are hard to get and so our camera is not usable during one of the most active times of the year.

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