Monday, May 12, 2008

Three Week here

The last three weeks we have been getting settled in over here . We are very glad to be here but there are lot of things that we have to get used to. One of the largest parts has been learning all the schedules for all the boys in the house. Some other things have been setting up our office/bedroom, boys room, meeting teachers at school, school functions, learning the budget, getting paper work together (this seems to never end), going through the stuff to know what is in the house (spring cleaning), fixing computers, fixing broken stuff in the house, getting to know the city (every street looks the same) and just living and spending time with everyone. We are settling in more every day.
We have been blessed by so many people that have been helpful here and back in the states. The Khmer helper that has been working at the boys home for years continues to be a huge help. Our friend Tom may have sold the forklift. Good bye forklift :( .
We went to swim at the school pool today. Can you believe it... it was overcast, the coolest day yet and it started to rain. We decided to leave because Logan was shivering incessantly. I never thought that would have been a possibility. Rene, Caleb and I thought it was quite comfortable. I wounder if this is Logan acclimating or if he is just that small and lean that it makes a difference.

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