Friday, May 2, 2008

Transition.... Ya gota love it!?!

Our trip went better than we expected. For the 14.5 hour flightwe were given 8 seats. It was nice to be able to stretch out and sleep. When we arrived in Phnom Penh we had a hard time with visas because the guy who has to approve our specific kind of long term visa had been (and was still) on vacation. After about 45 minutes it got all worked out. The heat and humidity was a bit much for the first few days but gotten used to it more every day.

We have been in Cambodia for about 9 days now. We have seen and done so many things it seems like 3 weeks. We have been going nonstop. We are adjusted to the time difference by now (mostly). The driving is not a stress like I expected it to be. That doesn't mean that it is... Normal. We are trying to get to know the city of Phnom Penh while the boys are in school. In the evening we are going to soccer games and helping with homework, spending time with our boys, and spending time with the boys at the home. Mixed into it all are the one time things like going through our bins, unpacking, getting shelves and the like, fixing wash machine, testing old/broken power converters, going through old storage stuff, rearranging the office, replacing the internet router, and a bunch of paper work/document related errands and projects.

The boys had Thursday off so the whole house went to a historic palace/temple outside the city. It was placed on a hilltop with great views on all sides. To reach it there were 541 steps. Caleb and Logan did great. They walked the whole way up. They even had more than enough energy to wander around and do more stairs on their own. It was really fun (and hot).
The guys here are pretty good kids. About half of them have consistently made an effort to make the Caleb and Logan very feel welcome. The boys are already warming up to our life here. We has a conversation with Logan a day of two ago that went something like this;

Rene: What are differences between living here and living in the US?

Logan: You can't drink the water out of the faucets.

Rene: What else?

Logan: That's it.

Rene: There isn't anything else that is different??

Logan: No.

Rene: That's it?

Logan: ...Umm...Yeh.

Go figure. Rene and I feel that the differences are beyond listing. Even with that said We have both noticed that making this home is not a large stretch. We also have found that we feel more and more comfortable here every day.

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Bryan & Kelly said...

Great to hear how things are going. I love the pictures, I really want to come visit now. :) Although I don't think I'll like the humidity. I'm also very glad to hear the boys are welcoming your boys so well. I am excited for you guys.