Monday, May 12, 2008

Wild Things and Hunters

In the shot time we have been here we have seen some fun critters. Logan ,I and even some times Rene has enjoyed seening them. Logans first goal when we got here was to get close to one of the geckos. They tend to be 4-6 inches long. Smaller than I would expect but they sure do know how to evaded capture. We did get one but when we did he figured that dropping his tail was a good idea. Yes, it was a boy. How do I know you ask? Because Logan named him Gieko, so it has to be a boy!
Early in our stay here, David (one of the twins) found a Rat in the kitchen and killed it with a broomstick. From what we have heard the twins are the resident hunters. It was decent sized rat. This was the one critter Rene didn't care to see.
Hock Lee Brought home a praying mantis and it stayed around a few days. Most likely because someone a had pulled off its wings.
We have seen tons of snails. They have shells the size of golf balls and are around 5" long. From what the boys say, if you get the slime on you it can make your skin numb.

The animals I think are the coolest and Logan seems to think are especially cute are the little bats. There are fruit bats here. The wingspan is typically 8-10 inches. We seem to have one a week get into the house. It can be tricky getting them out of the house without hurting them. Partly because they fly and partly because the ceilings are so tall. The first temptation is to chase them out with a broom, but that is really not effective. I have had to knock them out of the air sweep them up with a dustpan and toss them into the air outside. They are surprisingly durable. I was also surprised they don't just take off the ground like a bird. They have to crawl (slowly and awkwardly) to a chair or table and crawl up the leg and when they reach an appropriate height the drop and try to fly. I haven't seen one succeed yet from such a short drop. It is real very sad to watch so I just get the dust pan and throw them out into the air and they fly off just fine.

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