Monday, June 9, 2008

Licences? We don't need no stink'n licences!

We have been in Cambodia almost six weeks. We had submitted the paperwork for drivers licenses the day after we arrived. They then gave pieces of paper with an official stamp that allowed us to drive. We have been driving since then.

Today we finally received our drivers licenses.
Front and Back of DL

I find this kind of funny/ironic for a few reasons;

  • It takes a lot less time to get through the process in the states. I suppose this is an example of the "slower pace" here.
  • By the way poeple drive you couldn't tell they are aware of the "laws"
  • The driving age is 18 for cars and 16 for moto/moped/motor scooter but it is very common to see very young drivers who do not meet these requirments.
  • We hear the police would probably let you go for a $1 bribe (license or not).

With that said, it is nice to know we are doing everything we know to comply to the authority here. I gives me comfort to know there is one less reason for a cop to hope for a bribe.

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