Thursday, June 19, 2008

Walking to school

This was Logan's first week of summer school at Logos! Here are some things we see on the way to school.

This little Korean shop opened about a week after we moved here. They have Coke, bread, eggs, ice cream, American candy and just makes us feel a little closer to home. Show Mart is awesome!

This is an auto parts store and it's where we buy time for our cell phones.

The Morning Cafe has great fruit shakes (smoothies)! It came in handy when Joe had his wisdom tooth removed.

This is our turn off to the Asian Hope girls house, they live just a block away.

And here is school!

"Thanks David for walking Logan to school!"
He's a little embarrassed to have his picture taken at school - but what a great sport :)

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Tanya T. Warrington said...

I hope Logan enjoys his school. Is it an English speaking school?

Thanks for the pictures. They communicate so much.

I'm praying for your family and your fifteen boys,