Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

My mother recently sent us an E-mail. This is how it started..."I haven't heard from you guys for a while so I assume you are busy"

Yes, things have been a bit overwhelming. Lets see if I can even remember what happened last few weeks...

Another short term group of 5 arrived. They are eating dinners at our house. This makes 8 more people to account for when planning meals. Hey, After adding 13 guys, 8 more is nuth'n right? ...When you have a cook!

The new director finally arrived, which has been good for the organization. It does, however, involve more meetings. He has been a friend of our for over eight years. Yeah, we have an "in" with the"Big Cheese".

Three guys had Birthdays! Sam and David and Jonathon (the twins).

We had to remove all the staff here at the house. It has been a very installable situation on many levels. Currently Rene is busy with staying on top of laundry until we can get someone new. It is only laundry for our family but living in a rainy climate without a dryer makes it a much bigger job. :) We did hire a cook who seems to be working out well. Surprisingly well for having a communication barrier. Who said pointing and grunting is only for infants!

Our van broke down. I thought the van was done for but hadn't had time to look things over and be sure. It was interesting that it stalled and we were able to coast into the driveway (Yeah, God loves me!) :)

We got robbed (had about $1200 taken, all the spare keys, as well as our computer). Thankfully our computer was found. Amazing. (Oh Yeah, God really loves me!) :)

The UglyWe had to change the locks on two doors, 6 padlocks, three ignitions and 1 gas tank. I now carry 18 keys. I am now the "key maker" (Matrix)

Changed both of our cell phone numbers. No Comment.

The Good

11 of the guys went to a summer bible camp at the beach for 4 days, and we took our kids, Sam, Kosal, and Kosal's younger sister Samadi to the same beach for 4 days. It was fun to see a different part of Cambodia and was a nice change of scenery - although not really a vacation.

The Bad
Hock Lee stepped on drug a needle at camp and is now on post HIV exposure medication. The medication is rather dangerous as well so it is a hard situation. I took him by bus to a town about 4 hours away to receive treatment. It took all day by the time we traveled there and back. Hock Lee read 100 pages of Sackets Land by Louis L'Amour and liked it.

We took Tirua to the airport the night
of July 18th. He is off to the US to attend Moody Bible Institute! Very exciting but we were all sad to see him go - he was a real leader in the home and his presence and example will be missed.

I worked on the van for two mornings and taught 4 of the guys about how a motor works. I think it can be fixed but it looks like I will have to get the van lifted off the ground to see the problem. I must admit, working on a motor in Colorado during the winter is for the birds. Working on a car in warm weather is the way to go.

Rene started teaching Michael how to work with Caleb. We are hiring him to do Caleb's home program. It will be great - Michael is a wonderful guy, however, we are really having to start from the beginning. It is fun to see Caleb get excited about his therapies.

We have had another 3 teachers added. Add 11 and counting for dinner. That means we could have as many as 12 guys, 4 Hansens, 11 teachers and throw in the odd friend or three and It could easily be 30 people on any given night. And they say 3 is a crowd.

We have started to do Personality inventories with the boys. They are young yet and they will change a lot yet but it is fun to see how there personalities work with what their heart is now.

I know it can be overwhelming sometimes but life is overwhelming at times no matter where we are or what we are doing. Why should we be free of it here? It is so worth it. We are getting to know the boys more and more. Many have allowed us into their lives and that is very encouraging.


Emily said...

What wonderful pictures! Sounds like things are a mixed bag right now, but I'm sure you guys will continue to do a great job. We miss you!

Peter Yue said...

Hope things are going better since we skyped. I'll pray for you right now.