Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mmm, Mmm, Good

I thought about naming this "That bugs me" But I figured it sounded like a rant. Then again you may find that preferable to my hasty attempt at a poem.

There's a place some call "Central Market";
You can drive a car and pay 25 cents to park it.
If you look hard enough you can find anything;
Maybe Clothing, treats or diamond ring.
The senses will be overwhelmed;
By smells and sights and by sound.
You'll find fried bugs for a treat;
Just pull up a seat;
I have known people to stare;
And some even to dare;
Thank goodness for free-will.
Join in, have fun, if the bugs don't tempt you, the grease will!

If you would like to get a closeup on the pictures go to:

You hear about people eating bugs in other parts of the world when you live in the states. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when I encountered by it here, but there I was, standing there like a tourist looking at the vendors wares, dumbfounded. The thoughts running through my mind were "really?... There must be hundreds of each kind... But who eats them?... And you get enough business to make it worth your while?... So do you breed them or what?... Really???" Of course I speak Khmer like an infant and could not really ask. So I took the pictures and went on my way thinking "Bugs?... Really?..."

Honestly I just can't really see anyone saying "What I wouldn't give for a fried cockroach!", but maybe that's just me!

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mummapatricia said...

Bugs Yum! I THINK NOT!

I tried roasted ants in Africa. Were some of those scorpians? Cockroaches? NO THANKS.
Even though the scorpians may not be crankie because they are dead they all look a little to crunchie!!!!!