Friday, August 1, 2008

My.... Sermon? Zzzzz....

Rene and I often liken life to a journey through the wilderness. I often see analogies that extend from this same idea. I have felt compelled to write the short version of the most recent one here on the blog. Feel free to sleep through it, drink coffee in the foyer, go to the bathroom, or pinch your infant so you can take them outside until it is over. :)

If Life is a journey with the trail passing through valleys and over mountains, then there are also precipices. Some we carefully navigate around and by. There are still others that crumble beneath us, we blindly walk off of and even willingly hurl ourselves from. For some it is accidental, lack of guidance, fatigue, impatience, not knowing better, thrill, or even self-loathing and suicide. We end-up broken and battered in a crevasse, isolated, lonely, confused, helpless, with little or no hope, just trying to survive. Some of us live in denial of our condition. Some of us work through the pain. Some rage at God. It is at this time of "brokenness" that God waits for us to call to him. It is the time when God shows himself most. We are closest to God when we can do nothing. It is what we all want in our Heart, to feel the presents of God. We can talk with him and interact with him. The sad part is once we are back on the trail we can get so caught up in the "day to day" we tend to go back to how it was before. I have come to the conclusion that "growing" in Christ is calling on God sooner and more often to the point that we talk with him all day in a real relationship. I can't say I'm there yet... but then again odds are I haven't seen my last precipice.

If you are still reading I am honored. If you didn't like it just look at it this way... At least you don't have to burn the extra calories from eating the donuts that set next to the coffee in the Foyer. :)

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