Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big "Moto's"

The the term "moto" is a term for anything with two wheels and a motor. Moped, motor-scooter, motorcycle, dirt-bike, and crotch-rocket would all be called a moto.

I was finally free to take one of the missionary guys here up on going dirt-biking out in the province. It sounded like it could be fun. Some of the other guys heard about it and warned me that the lead guy can get a bit technical for inexperienced riders. Being on a handful of outings, I believe I fall into that category. So being in the same boat on most of my other experiences I decided to take it easy so I wouldn't come back injured or broken. It just so happened that the lead guy had to cancel the morning of due to his kids being sick.
So there I was with two other guys trying to figure out what to do with the bikes we had already rented. One of the guys had been out once before and it just so happened to be where we were going. The last time the other had ridden he was 14. So of course we had to go.

Left-Right: Joe Hansen, Dean Weiss, Gregg Dawson

Gregg Dawson

Road Block

Rice patty

Dean Weiss

Hmmm... Bush or tree?

Rice Patty again (I thought it was a cool shot)

Rice Patty yet again...(I thought it was another cool shot)

click on the picture to enlarge it
Me (Joe) in front a typical wood construction Khmer house. This one was pretty unique because it was painted. For this area it is the nicest house by far.

ME! (yet another COOL shot) ;)

I was glad to see the provincial life style a bit more and get a more rounded perspective of the province and Cambodia. I didn't take many of the more "normal" stuff. I will have to remember that is may not be so normal to those who have not been here. You are getting the better parts here because I thought they were pleasant or fun. It turned out to be an easy going and beautiful trip. I think the we all liked the slower pace we were able to have. We had the bikes for 24 hours and didn't go through half the gas we purchased. All things considered $28.00 and 5 hours well spent. I plan to do it again... Eventually.

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