Thursday, September 4, 2008


Now that we know Phnom Penh a lot better I thought it would be fun to give you a monument/sculpture tour. So here we go...This is "Independence Monument". It signifies Cambodian independence from the French. It sits in the middle of a large round-about in the south east of the city.

This golden monk is in the middle of a large round-about is less than a half mile east of Independence Monument. It always reminds me of the huge budist population here. I haven't been able to get any details on the significance of this statue. It might be easier if I read Khmer.

This is the "Vietnamese/Cambodian friendship Monument" it memorializes the Vietnamese forces freeing Cambodia from the khmerouge. It is about 70 feet tall. It is about a half mile North of the golden monk.
This is commonly referred to as the "Twisted Gun". I'm sure that the idea is communicated clearly. Peace. There is more to it but I can't read the Khmer on the monument. It is only 15 feet tall but is in a very busy round-about in the north east of the city.

There are more statues that I wanted to get pictures of. I will post a few every now and again. I will also be doing a few blogs on the major tourist "stuff". That will be coming mixed in with real life

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