Friday, November 21, 2008

Records are made to be broken!

Last three or so weeks have been a blur. We have had 3 birthdays, a 3-day weekend, a 6-day weekend, 2 electrical circuits go down at the house, 2 computers crash, coaching a guy in looking for a job, a 5 hour stop by the police, and a 30+ hours without electricity, a friend getting me to look at his electrical problem, among other random other meetings and errands.

In a recent blog I wrote that I spent as long as 40 min being stopped by the police which was the longest so far. Rene and I were out running errands and we had looked at some new vendors on a street we had never been down before. We headed down the street we came in on. When we go to the end of the road a police officer jumped out onto the road and waived us to a stop. He communicated that I couldn't drive here. While he was talking to me motos kept streaming past unhindered. He said "look sign" while pointing down the road. After walking down the block I noticed that I had missed a wrong way sign that blended in with the vendors umbrellas. It was now obvious to me the last block of the street became one way. When I got back I asked why are all the motos going the wrong way and cars not allowed and the cop said "moto not same". So I asked him what the fine was and he said the largest fine I have heard to date. It was over 10 times normal fines I had paid. I had not handed him my license so he really didn't have anything to leverage against me. So It tried to reason with him but he wouldn't budge. After 2 hours of waiting for a reasonable number Rene and Caleb received a ride home. Just before dinner the cops waved me off so they could go home for dinner. By that time it was done it had cost me 5 hours (and no money). In all honesty I could have left many times but I was not trying to avoid responsibility for my ignorance.

Five hours is my new record for time spent waiting on the police. The other record we broke in the last three weeks is time spent without power, witch is now about 30 consecutive hours.

I intended to get a picture of the corner where five hours (It has a unique sculpture). Alas I have not passed by that spot with camera in hand for some weeks now. I will eventually get a picture to post but for now I better get this one posted.

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Kiley said...

ouch! You must have been so hungry by the end of all that.