Saturday, November 1, 2008

"What do you do all day?" Part I

We have been asked by many people and our relatives have been asked many times...."What do you do during the day when the guys are at school?" To answer this simple question I will spend the next few blogs explaining our life in Cambodia.

The first thing I would like to explain is that our job is very concentrated with building relationships, mentoring, and instructing 12 guys in the evenings, weekends, holidays and summer. When we do the "other" parts of life is during the day. So with that said if we ever do get time off it would most likely be during the day. But, more often than not, it would be in between weekly financial and boys status reports, errands, or meeting. Meetings seem to be the largest intangible. But come to think of it with 11 guys with anywhere between 6-9 teachers each... Lets just say I'm glad most of the guys do well in many classes.

There always seems to be a one time project in process for us. When we first got here it was end of year class parties, High school banquet and then three guys graduated. Then it was summer. That was nothing short of a miracle we didn't miss something huge. That was on massive blur. When school started up again we were still buying the last of what the guys needed before departing for college. Then it is goodbye parties and trips to the airport. One week we will have to get bio's written up for the Asian Hope website. The next week it will be writing a business plan for a Tuk-tuk service. The next week it will be an emergency at the school building site with on site time and meetings to follow. Of course now that the business plan is done time to start Graphic design and marketing... I'm sure you get the picture.

I suppose that doesn't include all that the sick kids and random injury that come with 11 sports loving boys. So far we've had a broken foot, two sprained wrists, one concussion (not including mine), an encounter with a syringe, one sprained ankle, a seizure, a few allergic reactions and everyone has had at least 2 colds . None of our guys have had stitches in our time so far, but the way they run around with bare feet that's bound to change.

The last two weeks involved researching places the guys could go to visit where they can be immersed in the Khmer culture and Language in a safe environment, setting up 4 trips and reporting about it before and after.

We have also been in many meetings about the guy in the house that confessed to a lot of steeling from the school and the house, including the summer robbery of the house. It has been very sad situation but we know that there is hope. Please pray.

I'm sure next week will be something different that fills the day... Maybe I'll blog a line or two at the end of the week.

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