Saturday, November 1, 2008

"What do you do all day?" Part II

Here is a little more to answer the question "What do you do during the day when the guys are at school." Remembering that our job is very concentrated in the evenings, weekends, holidays and summer I note the following.
We have come to realize there is no such thing as the normal day or week. When we first arrived in Cambodia the New house parents informed us that Cambodia has the most Holidays of any country. I assumed that they were just speaking figuratively. Alas I was mistaken. According to "Lonely Planet" travel guide Cambodia does in fact have the most. We seem to have one every time I turn around.

Here is a List of the ones I know of:
Victory Day Jan 7th
Carnival Day Feb 7th
Meak Bochea Day Feb TBA
Holiday ? Feb TBA
Women's Day March 8th
Khmer New Year April 13th-17th
International Labor Day May 1st
King's Sihakmony's Birthday (old king) May 13th-15th
Visaak Bochea Day May TBA
Royal Ploughing Day May TBA
Queens Birthday (old queen) June TBA
Constitution Day Sept 24th
Pchum Ben Sept 28th-3oth
King's Birthday (current king) Oct 29th
King Sihanouk's Birthday (old king) Oct 31st
Water Festival Nov 11th-14th
Int'l Human Right's Day Dec 10th
Christmas/New years break Dec 22nd-Jan 2nd

This of course doesn't include teacher planning days or summer break. It is a blessing that we get so much time with the guys. We love the guys an wish we could be in more places at once.

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