Saturday, November 1, 2008

"What do you do all Day?" Part III

In this part of "What do you do during the day when the guys are at school?" I'll show you some of the more fun things that we get to do.

On Thursdays Logan's Class has a guest reader. Every parent was asked to sign up for a Story time. My turn came up recently. I got to go in and read a book of my choosing. I avoided western culture
and chose a book written by Mark Ludy called JUJO. I had a lot of fun.

Most of the kids already knew who I was because Rene and I spend a lot of time at the school. I have been interested to see how the kids liked it. There wasn't a single kid who's attention wandered.

After I left the teacher had all the kids write "Thank You" letters to the guest reader for a writing exercise. It was fun to see how different kids enjoyed different parts.Rene and I have spent time sitting in different guys classes. The most regular one is the P.E. class for Logan and the most advance being physics for the older boys.

Because of Tozer, the wonderful school Caleb and Logan went to since preschool, we forget that teachers may not have experience with developmentally delayed kids. Logos has done a good job of being open to the influence of that demographic but for many SE Asian teachers it is a first encounter.

Rene has been interacting with a teacher that is open to having Caleb be involved in her class on a regular basis. It seems promising but it will take a bit of time for the teacher feel comfortable without Rene or I being present.

We also spend time helping Caleb through his therapies. He has improved in his stability, coordination, and scholastically. As he grows in other areas so do his preferences. Not including Food. He is know for trying, eating and enjoying almost anything that the guys put in front of him.

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