Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To live like a King...

I have run out of fingers and toes while counting how many times we have driven past the Royal Palace. So after eight months we figured we should see what all the talk was about. After all, it might be nice to know what the attractions are like in our own city. The current residence of the king is off limits but many other building are available for public viewing.

Open Air Dance Hall

As an American I have seen many things that were seemingly contradictory. In a visit to the home of the king in a third world country I figured that I would see the stark contrast between the classes. Oddly enough that was not first thing that caught my attention. As we walked in the public gate we saw many signs that addressed the issue of modesty. No shorts above the knees and no tank-tops. Rene was wearing a tank top so we had to buy a T-shirt for her. Thirty seconds and two dollars later she was properly attired.

It looks like some one else needs to buy a T-shirt!

If you are interested in South-East Asian art, architecture, customs and history you might be very interested to visit. I found it to be interesting. Since there is a guided and self guided tour it is easy to go at whatever pace suites you.
This mural of the "Reamker" epic is 604 meters long

Ceremonial clothing

I was surprised by how creative the grounds were. Many buildings were pieces of art from roof to interior, with no shortage of gold paint. (Yellow represents Buddhism, white represents Brahmanism.) Some interiors of the buildings were off limits for cameras and video. All in all we had a good time but Caleb couldn't have cared less. If he was able to talk he would have told us all the walking and stairs were troublesome, but he was a good sport. He was very patient and seemed in good spirits through the whole thing. I think we spent two hours roaming around.

Hansens in front of the Throne Hall

For the price of $6.25 per person (not including travel expenses) you to can experience the life of a king... But only from 7:30-11am and 2:30-5pm.


Peter Yue said...

what? no fried bananas? That royalty compound seems lame... haha

Emily said...

Caleb's getting so tall! Looks like a fascinating place.