Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Second Times The Charm

This is the second time we have been through this part of the school year in Cambodia. In other words it is the first set of seconds. About this time last year we were still trying to remember where we can buy food, never mind witch key fit any one of 7 padlocks or how to tell the twins apart.

When we went to the School awards ceremony this year it had a lot more meaning. We had a few guys in the house receive a few awards. Sammy secured the most improved player in middle school basketball. David earned an award for his middle school science fare project. Hocklee received the "Daniel Award" for consistently standing for his faith and what is right. Veassna pulled in the MVP for High school Volleyball. Pov acquired one for the high school science fair. It was encouraging to see the guys hard work and commitment recognized.

The High-schoolers had an end of the year banquet that they all get "purdy". They dress up and go eat with all their class mates at a nice restaurant. It's all very exciting.

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