Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do we have to have fun?

So, the summer is going well and the guys have even been enjoying it. To bad because it was supposed to be unbearable :)

Here is a list if things the guys have been working on:

Logan: sewed a small felt dog, has been practicing reading, math, fitness (he can do over 20 push-ups), reading "I-Spy and "Where's Waldo", 100 piece puzzles and playing checkers and Guess Who.
Caleb: has been working with his communication device. He's learning about colors, letters and numbers. He matches numbers well and can string count but not the concept of numbers. Pray he can grasp this soon.

Sammy: built a toy solar powered tractor/post hole digger from an erector set. He is now learning drums.
Kosal: built a toy tank from an erector set, figured out a wooden puzzle, 3-D puzzle of Notre Dame, a model of a MIG airplane, a small ballista/crossbow, assembled a wood-ply puzzle elephant and is now building a miniature castle with tiny bricks.
David has been building a go-cart-ish device based on a set of plans in the "Dangerous book for boys" and has been reading a book.
Jonathan: mastered a wooden 3-D puzzle, built a 3-D puzzle battleship, completed a 3-D Empire State Building, and is now working on a new wooden puzzle.
Hocklee constructed a race car from an erector set, built a 3-D puzzle of London Bridge, produced a small catapult, and has figured out a wooden 3-D puzzle, he has started training his new puppy. "Sakra" (means: cherry blossom in Japanese) she is supper smart. She has learned where to go to the bathroom and to whine at the door when she needs to go out. She learned with only two accidents and inside of one and a half days.
Krumm: learning to drive the Tuk-Tuk, assembled a 3-D castle, and has begun learning the guitar.
Veassna: put together a 3-D Empire State Building puzzle, been learning drums and helping Sammy learn drums.
Pov: constructed a solar powered tractor and trailer, started learning to drive the Tuk-Tuk and was building a web site for the Tuk-Tuk. He is also practicing drums.
Joe: has been planning a more complex castle with little blocks and experimenting with mold making.
Rene: Reads as often as she can. She read Duteronemy in one sitting. She said "It was sad when it was over".

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