Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Cobra, A Waterfall and The Boy in the Bucket

We took the guys to the coast again this summer. It was quite the experience. We were able to go to "The Snake House". It was a restaurant that had a collection of different snakes, fish amphibians. Some of the snakes were under glass at the tables where you eat.

This is a Spitting Cobra that one of the boys had upset.

We ventured to this picturesque waterfall. It's not the tallest or widest I've ever seen but was one of the coolest. We were able to climb into the middle of the falls and get this picture. This picture doesn't do justice to the surroundings. It's a 360 degree view from where I am. It was well worth the trip.
In Phnom Penh we were shopping for a large medicine cabinet. I have seen this many times but this time it was on a busy street in front of a shop. It just struck me a bit different than before.

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