Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Ever Happend To "Normal"

It has been over a year since we first arrived in Cambodia. I figured that I would be an interesting time to reflect on what "normal" is now.

1. Pink is also a boys color
2. There are 14 colored cup in the house each one has a residents name on it
3. The pink cups were the first to go, Logan chose a pink cup
4. We have 2 motos (motor-scooters) and 1 van for transportation
5. The fastest way to get anywhere is a moto
6. I will fit 3 people on a moto most Sundays
7. 6 people can fit on a moto
8. Motos can tow or carry anything (no exception)
9. I can’t remember the name of half the dishes I see other people eating
10. A mobile vendor is an option for dinner
11. Three words: rice, rice, rice
12. Ramen noodles are always a welcome
13. DVDs cost $1.50
14. When buying a DVD I ask “is it a good copy?”
15. I preview a DVD before purchasing.
16. 5 computers in one house is not always enough during the school year
17. Parts and labor through a contractor is often cheaper than just to buy the parts…
18. Everyone who is white is charged more… For everything!
19. The best mode of travel to a destination four hours away is by bus
20. It’s all about the metric system. (what is SAE?)
21. I can’t have a conversation with most of the nationals
22. I am able to see over everyone
23. Football=Soccer
24. Played Soccer last week and will play it again this week
25. I have never played soccer on anything but a basketball court
26. Basketball courts are a cement surface outside
27. People regularly run from police
28. Police rarely chase people that run
29. Who doesn’t have an 8’ wall topped with razor wire around their house?
30. It takes 10 padlocks to secure our house every night before bed
31. There are 2 large mango trees in my yard
32. I can wash my hands in the sink, use the toilet and take a shower while standing in the same place
33. We have electricity “most” of the time
34. I am “Mr. Joe”
35. My nine year old has a larger English vocabulary than most people I encounter
36. I have not played on grass in the last 6 months
37. The country I live in is confused with a country in South America
38. I can’t name any celebrities in the country except the Prime minister and the Royal family
39. Laundry is dried on a line not in a dryer
40. There is a couch and coffee table in my office
41. What is a drive-thru?
42. I wear “big sizes”
43. Cell phones are all pre-paid
44. You can switch cell phones and not cell numbers in seconds and without assistance from anyone
45. I can get a room at the beach for $20 a night including AC and cable TV
46. My neighbors don’t have AC
47. Everyone barters
48. School is the best place to go to have fun
49. I carry two different currencies
50. I am responsible for 12 boys

Of course there are many more. I hope you don’t wish for you time back after reading my 50 things that are normal. Thanks for spending your time to read my ramblings.

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