Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One of the challenges of living here, as most people will tell you, is finding fun things to do.
However, Phnom Pehn does have a nice variety of restuarnats.
Terrace, a coffee shop within walking distance (although Joe and I usually ride a moto),
is a fun place Joe and I like to go to for lunch!

Wow, great logo huh?
There's something strangely familiar about it...

Rene's lunch clock-wise beginning at the top:
dried shrimp, pork in a peanut sauce, green beans, scrambled eggs, red onion, sour mango.

Joe's lunch:
A good hamburger, not to be confused with a good American burger.
It has cabbage, hot sauce and an all around Asian flavor.

Each person gets two toilet paper squares of napkin :)


Here's a closer look...
a donut-ish cake, rolled in sesame seeds.
Inside there is a filling that is very smililar to mashed sweet potatoes.
Not too sweet, just lightly fried, a good end of the meal treat!


Emily said...

ooohh! I've made those sweet potato balls before! They're very yummy!

Peter Yue said...

wow, those treats look similar to a chinese version. Red bean paste within.