Friday, September 18, 2009

Summer Jobs

Cambodia has a large gap between social classes. The wealthy are very wealthy and a very small percent. The middle class is very rare. The poor are common. The vast majority are impoverished.
This summer the guys worked during the day to help build school/church buildings and shelter for the impoverished and in the evenings taught English classes.
You can see the construction style of woven grasses for walls and round wooden poles for the frame.

Jonathan and Veassna teaching their class English Level 3

Pov and Krumm teaching their class English level 2

The church/school yard

English level 2 class picture

Hocklee and David also taught the English level 1 class. Each class had one Khmer teacher and two of our guys teaching. They were very insistant that our guys do as much teaching as possible because they sounded much clearer. It ended up that the Khmer teacher assited in crowd control for the majority of the class time While our guys tought. Bettween all the classes there were over 150 students.

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