Thursday, October 1, 2009

Everybody Has A Water-Buffalo...

If Larry the Cucumber had lived in a Cambodian province I can see why he might get the impression that "everybody has a water-buffalo". To be more accurate it might be something more like "Every body has a beast of burden". But that's just not as fun now is it.

The pictures didn't capture the size difference because the buffalo is walking in a ditch. It's some thing you would hear in an analogy of things that just won't happen. The concept for a 50 lb. girl pulling an 1300lbs of pure muscle is just absurd, But there is standing in front of me.
After we moved to get another angle the girl was a little weirded-out. No doubt that she was thinking "what's so special, all my friends and family do this all the time."

This was on the same drive that we saw the little girl. For some reason this pic does not capture the depth of color and beauty of the place but it might give you a hint.

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