Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fishing, Mice and a Little Salt & Pepper

We Went out riding on a moto the other day and realized there were people fishing everywhere. Not sure witch part was more odd, that they were fishing in drainage ditch or that it was extremely polluted. Nobody seemed to be thinking twice about either problem.

After taking the picture of this group Rene said "We should find out if they have had any luck and if it is a national holiday involving fishing." A little surprised at how at home Rene has become, I reminded her we don't speak enough Khmer to communicate about it.

Someone left the lid of of the rice bin and six mice decided to get stuck in it. Good thing we were almost out of rice and only threw away a hand full. And yes the guys smote them with extreme prejudice.

These salt & pepper Shakers were so fun and cute that Rene just had to Get a picture.

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