Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Hungry, How About You?

After being in Cambodia for over a year I have grown used to many things that I would not have ever considered to encountering while living in the U.S. One of those being diverse the environments in witch I have learned eat. I am no longer disturbed by the smell of durian, a fruit that smells like 3 day old gym clothes . It is not that unheard of to eat while walking past the stench of sun baked rotting garbage. Or, eat dinner when the smell of the sewage blows in every now and then. In all these situations I can walk on, getting a little distance, find a better location and continue eating. I do prefer to remove myself from the situation when at all possible. The guys in the house also have become accustomed to the unusual to...

Rats have been a problem in our house. I have seen more rats than I care to count and even more lizards. I have eliminated at least ten rats, since we have been here, and they just keep coming. The only people I know of that don't have a rat problem have 8-10 cats in the area all the time. Rene having serious cat allergy has kept us from even considering getting cats, until now.

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