Thursday, November 19, 2009

When Things Go Crazy

I was trying to think of how many cliches there are in reference to things getting out of hand. I'm not sure if any of them seem quite right so I'm creating my own. It goes something like this "Just as I was learning to catch a ball, now I have to juggle chainsaws while dodging bullets". Yeah that seems more like it.

We are catching things.
I was starting to feel like we were finding a rhythm here in Cambodia. We know where things are, our 2 boys are doing well, and the 10 guys are relating to us well, the third world stuff is feeling more normal and life had become over all smoother.

Another ball
Our day of is Monday. We started into a holiday season with the all the guys being home from school think it was only 9 days of school, none of them Mondays, in three weeks.

Hold this chainsaw...

We have been very financially tight for the last year. Last month we came to the conclusion that we need to fill the holes that have occurred due to economic hard time of our supporters. After being here a year and a half we have also came to the conclusion that it takes more money than we expected to provide for our family's needs here. All this means we need to raise support from half the world away... Stats on that are not in our favor.

We are Juggling
Our lease here ends December 31st so we have to find a new place to stay. We have 14 people to fit in a house so it is a harder than you might think to find a place to stay. Found three living situation we liked. On all of them the door has been closed.

Sure what's one more...
In the middle of it real good friends of ours in Cambodia started to have a critical time in their life. We, being committed to them, have stepped up to be there for them. It took a bit of time but that's what friends do for each other. It meant Rene and I took turns being with them when we would normally spend time doing paperwork or errands but no big deal we could catch up later.

Add another... ???
The need of our friends became so great they had to get assistance outside the country. Rene is currently spending Monday-Friday at their house taking care of their kid(s).

This one is smaller you can handle it

Logan picked up pink-eye and passed it to Caleb. Logan did well but Caleb thought you were trying to torture him for the first few days and had a hard time doing eye drops

Here take this one

While our friends are gone I have been asked to get involved with one of the collage student's situation where the college is essentially holding her hostage. I was appointed to be one of the decision makers in the situation. It is taking more time I don't have.

But wait there's more
This is all short term stuff, plus we had a friend taking the guys to the beach this last weekend so we would get a chance to recover, except...

Dodge this...
I started to feel sick and my weekend off I ended up in the hospital with Dengue Fever and an E. coli infection. It also was the first time we used the medical coverage so I spent most of the time helping Cambodians and Chinese understand each others English. That effectively shot any sort of rest that was going to happen that weekend.

Now it's getting ridiculous...
Rene dropped by one day long enough to separate the receipts and find out that the electric bill was there and now passed due. No worry's, I just ran it down to the office so they could get a messenger to pay it... the next day. I was not soon enough and we lost our power for 8 hours the following day.

Do this for a sec
Since the power was out for so long it reset our router. I'm a "wana-be-geek" it is not impossible to fix. There are a few custom settings because the modem and router had the same factory I.P. address and that creates a separate issue. Needless to say it was a headache for me.

You gotta be kidding me
The other side issue from the power going out is that they put in a breaker that pops if the whole house is in use. For many reasons, I won't bore you with, it is our personal area and office that has to be kept off. So her I am in the dark typing a blog.

The up side

As I'm writing this I'm amused. It's like one of those comedies where things just keep getting worse, every time one thing gets fixed two things break and just when you think it's fixed it breaks again. In the end it works out and people have grown.

Just as I was writing the previous paragraph three of the guys came in and really wanted to show me a video of them juggling a soccer ball. Kinda apropos don't you think. It was very encouraging to have them be excited to show me their stuff. I love my job. :)

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wow, sounds crazy! we'll be praying for you guys!