Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Wat" did you say?

The word "Wat" is Khmer for temple. The largest temple in the world is Angkor Wat. In the early 12th century king Suryavarman II ruled the capital city of Angkor, located in present day Cambodia. Near by is Angkor Wat, a temple complex built as his state temple. Enough with the history lesson and on to the fun stuff. :)

We just finished hosting Gregg and Patsy Walters for three weeks. Their visit gave us the opportunity to visit the ruins of the ancient Angkor Empire and the town of Siem Reap.
Gregg read it was great to get up before dawn to see the sun rise behind famous Angkor Wat... So we did.

It's hard to tell by the picture but these stairs are more like a ladder with a hand rail. This section of the site was usually off limits for repairs. The day we visited was the first day that they had allowed visitors in five years and the first time our tour guide had ever entered that section. God loves us. :)

There are many other ruins near by, one of them being Ta Phrom temple. It is over run by the jungle in places and had a different feel. This is the place they shot parts of Tomb Raider.

The trees have destroyed many parts of the temple.

There are many places that people have had to stabilize the roofs.

Another place close by is Bayon temple. It has these Buddha faces everywhere.

We loved it (some of us more than others). :)

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