Friday, April 2, 2010

Finding Logans Niche

We all love Logan in so many way. His difficulties in development have given rise to a heart with determination and character. Logan can become good at most things he puts his heart into. The biggest resistance will be his body, especially his vision and lack of depth perception. The fact that Logan loves sports has been a source of apprehension for Rene and I for a few years now. We have been praying for him to find a sport that he loves that he can compete in plus be encouraged on a regular basis. Over the last few years he has learned to shoot baskets, throw and catch both a football and Frisbee. And 10 months ago was the first time Logan was in a pool without assistance.Since then he has learned to swim very well. He has learned both freestyle and breaststroke. The school has started a swim team witch the swimming teacher/coach has requested he join because of his strong breast stroke. Logan really likes swimming but was a bit unsure about competing, thinking that when he raced in class he was almost last. I asked the swim teacher about this and it turns out that she had matched up all the fastest of each stroke together and he had come in third of the six fastest at the 25 meter breaststroke. I tried to explained it to Logan but he was still confused and not sure what to think. I finally convinced him that trying it wouldn't be bad and that he would be able to get even better.The first time I timed Logan for the 25 meter breaststroke he it clocked in at 1min 30sec. After a month of practice he is consistently close to the 1:00min mark and has a personal best 52.3 seconds. We are so happy for Logan. God is good.

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Emily said...

Go, Logan!! That's great!