Friday, May 28, 2010


Imagie if you will, a world without many foods, no Italian, Mexican, Hamburgers, or any other kind of food that you would find out side of and Asian restaurant. A world where every main course is pain rice and the side it some kind of unknown vegetable, or Carp fish. No food is boned and a lot of the cutting is done with hatchets because chicken and pork bones are easier to cut that way. Add to that ginger, lime, onion, and one of two hot sauces. This about sums up 90% of my diet here.

When I live in the states I lived for Subway. Not because I wanted to lose weight but because I loved it. Rene forgave me for my illicit affair with the sandwich counter time after time.
We have recntly learned of a new sub shop in called Fatboy. In the absence of any other sub shop, I have been loving the new place. It has become my new favorite place to get a meal. I just hope Rene will forgive me for what she now has to contend with.... FATBOY!

Maybe Rene will keep forgiving me if I bring her back a sub every time I go... It's working so far. :)

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