Friday, May 21, 2010

House warming

December of 2009 we moved to a new location close to the new Logos International School building. It was ironic that the situation that fit our needs the best and was the least expensive was also in a very nice place. The new location is clean and beautiful even if it's a clone of all the others. Cloneliness is next to Godliness! :) It's awesome how God provides.!
This is our street

Our house warming had nothing on the typical Khmer house warming. They usually set up large tents, with table to eat at, Fully catered, huge speaker, and sometimes live music. It's quite the experience to behold. Some day I will do a blog on it. But we show them all up, we had a ping-pong table and a basketball hoop for our "entertainment".
View from the 2nd floor porch into the court yard

This a good view of our new location

How can you have a party without food? Here is the "Table O Grub". After the potluck style treat table we had a few things to finish up but it didn't take long for a house full of teenage guys to pounce on it like a pack of wolves on an injured caribou. That table didn't have a prayer. The only things left were containers and packages.

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