Saturday, May 1, 2010


Not to long ago we pick Logan up from an after school activity. As we rode home the conversation went something like this:

Rene: "So, did you have fun?"
Rene: "what did you do?"
Logan: "we played monopoly"
Rene: "Did you understand the rules?"
Logan "yeah"
Rene "was it hard?"
Logan "No, but it was hard to read the cards and board"
Rene "Yeah, you'll get better at reading"
Logan "it was kind of confusing though, because everything was in Spanish."

That's just normal here. The world Logan is growing up in is very different than the US. He just roles with it. It's no big deal.If he can enjoy Monopoly in another language, we guessed that he would enjoy it in English. So for Christmas he got Star Wars Monopoly.

It has been fun to see the guys play and not to long ago Logan won for the first time.

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