Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Few thing illustrate the vast difference in size between Westerners and Cambodians, better than shopping for clothes at the market. It's quite comical how the vendors in the market call out to my wife and I, "Madam! Sir! I have big size, for you." ...Not the marketing etiquette you might find elsewhere. And just in case you haven't seen us lately, we are the same sizes we were 15 years ago.

So how does that relate to overpants you're asking?

Every now and then we receive care packages for the guys in the house. Most often in the form of underpants, socks and T-shirts. Sometimes they send things for very small children and sometimes they send things for really big guys. Regardless of if anyone actually fits what is sent, they have a lot of fun with whatever they find.
The Sumo Wrestler from the back....

...And the Sumo Wrestler from the front.
And then there were the boxers that were big enough for 2 guys to fit in.

So if anyone has the desire to send underpants in the future, 24"-32" are the ideal sizes and if you feel the need to throw in something else. You can be assured it will, at least, get an honorable mention.

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