Monday, March 7, 2011

The Ultimate Cambodia Experience

Why is "new" or "different" so hard to get people to try? We have tried for the last few years to get the guys to play Ultimate Frisbee and have encountered resistance. I feel this way about food, but not sports.

The annual Ultimate Frisbee tournament was held this last weekend. More commonly called the Phnom Penh Big Phat Hat. I feel like it was a personal victory that two of the boys (David and Jonathan) actually signed up and played. My brother-in-law David was also in town and played in the tournament.

And yes, two Davids in the same house is confusing at times. More for the Davids than for the rest of us. But that's besides the point.

David Vin, David Walters, Jonathan Vin, Joe Hansen(me)

In the end everyone did a good job contributing to the teams they played on. I think they even had some fun in the process. :)

Maybe next year we will get to have even more guys involved...?

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