Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's to piont of this blog?

I have been inconsistently writing this blog for over three years. I have recently started to suspect that this blog is not serving it's purpose. It was originally meant to allow people, who were interested, to be informed about our life. The longer we are in Cambodia the more we take life here for granted and things stand out less and less as: different, new, unusual or even interesting. I noticed that I blog about as often as we release news letters. I also can't remember when the last time I received any comment or feedback on this blog. Facebook seems to have taken the place of this blog. So I can't help but wonder has this blog become a vain self important pursuit.

If you have a differing opinion feel free to share.

Update: July 16th, 2011

After getting feedback from people from our trip to the U.S. this summer I have learned that this blog has been serving it's purpose after all. Thanks you to all that have mentioned that the blog was helpful. My purpose has been renewed and I will begin blogging again soon.


Anonymous said...

I would continue it on facebook. Maybe make a "page" that everyone can follow which essentially would be the same thing as this except alot more people check their facebook rather than blogs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous??? That's who reads this? people don't even want to leave a name... No wonder it's on the verge of ending.

Grammy said...

I have enjoyed following your family, if you have fb I'll follow you there

Anonymous said...

I read everything you write whether on Facebook or here. I do like the blog as they are a little longer than what you can put on Facebook. I also love all the pictures on the blog. You probably have other supporters who are not on Facebook that might like to continue to read your blogs. I'm sorry I don't usually comment on the blogs.

KarenKTeachCamb said...

A blog is what you make it. I've enjoyed yours, and it has allowed some deeper stories to be shared than Facebook does, but if it's just "another job to do" then it's probably not worth it.

I use my blog as a reflection tool as well as a chance to give more detail than bi-monthly/quarterly newsletters permit. I don't get much on line feedback, but I do know it's being read.

Communication with folk at "home" (and others) is important, but how you do it is going to depend on who you are. I'll miss your blog posts, but as others have said, we'll keep up on facebook.