Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back on the horse!

First, thanks to all who have read this blog and encourage me in continuing. Being separated by an ocean, 14 time zones and everyone running around living their life has made it hard to maintain communication. Regularly slow internet speed, sometimes no internet, and sometimes no power at all make it a bit of casino experience. No matter how hard you try the odds are still stacked against you. I guess that's why Vegas never sounded fun to me. But alas I live in this communication casino by Gods leading and now must adjust my expectations accordingly. And so I thank you for your patience and encouragement.

I get the impression I have a propensity for expecting to much from this blog. I want it to be funny, sobering, creative, truthful, weighty, lighthearted, encouraging and able to share trials. I have sometimes forgotten it's not realistic to achieve all this in every blog.

As an American I have been raised under the old adage “anything worth doing is worth doing well.” While this has driven me to achieve quality and mastery it can also provide discouragement in things I don't feel I do well at. I have since heard another quote that I will have to apply to the things I am in the process of learning, practicing and am less competent at. It was first brought to my attention by my brother Josh. The phrase is seemingly contradictory to the old adage but as G. K. Chesterton once put it, "Anything worth doing is worth doing badly." This helps me to find the value in the "not so well." So when I know I need to do something but, I get down because I feel it's not going to be my definition of "well". I have to ask myself "would it be better to do it badly or not at all?" So if some of these blogs aren't up to snuff, at least their up at all. :)

July 16,2011
Logan riding an horse in Taiwan.

Yesterday we arrived in Taiwan for a few days. We were connected with The Therapeutic Riding Center of Taiwan in Jhongli City, Taiwan by our friends Sam and Helen Livingston.

Caleb riding backwards. What a show off!

The first day the boys were able to get full sessions. It's been years since they were able to do horseback therapy. Logan said "I forgot how many muscles it took too ride a horse"

We were set up in the dormitories next to the arena. Everyone here is so sweet and helpful. They keep refusing to let us pay and have brought us three meals a day. Wow! what a blessing!

Thanks, Helen, Sam, and Tim.

Since I last blogged there have been many things that have happened. The next bunch of posts will be a bunch of pictures that will help us get up to speed.

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KarenKTeachCamb said...

Welcome back to blogging world! Thanks for posting your thoughts, and for sharing the horseriding photos. Keep blogging. Doesn't have to be perfect, and it does give a picture of what you are all up to. Enjoy your time in Taiwan and hope to see you back here soon.