Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hey, Amigo!

This is old news for many people because it all began over a year ago when Hocklee's dog Sakura got pregnant. When she gave birth we were very certain that we didn't want any more dogs. So we went with the names the surviving puppies were delivered in, #1, #2, and #3. After #1 and #3 were sold and the last one was the squirmy non-cuddly #3 we were emphatic. We are NOT keeping this puppy. But this was short lived as we started to see what our other friends with more than one dog meant when they said "having two dogs is easier than having one." I was true. Sakura was less whiny and more at ease when we put her out side. She also would play with #3 and was less likely to be needy when we returned home from a day running errands.

How can you not want me?

At first we decided to keep #3 because it was easier and better for us and Sakura.

Would you keep me if I smiled?

Of course was as unavoidable as gravity, and in the end we fell in love with the 3rd born of Sakuras only litter.

Even Caleb likes me... And he doesn't like any animals!

He now answers to "Amigo" because he is so friendly and fun. He has a bit of a week bladder but other than leaving a puddle when he gets excited, Amigo is perfect for us.

Yeah, I'm a celebrity now.

Amigo has even gone to school with Logan for show & tell.