Monday, February 27, 2012

Startling Significance

When Samuel (the Biblical prophet) comes to our house, everything else respectfully waits it's turn. Facebook accounts are left open on computer screens, basketball games put on time out. Guys are called in from the neighbor's and woken from Saturday afternoon naps. Samuel's anointing was for someone in our home. We all gathered and waited to see who it would be.

Samuel looked carefully into the eyes of each one.

"Are these all the young men in your home?" he quietly asked.

"This is everyone," I assured. But then I remembered one more, "Well, everyone except Caleb. He's upstairs," I explained, "playing with Legos in his room."

Caleb is my thirteen year old son. He is handsome. He loves music and sitting outside when it rains. He is also handicapped, developmentally delayed, non-verbal.

In the momentary silence that followed I inwardly cringed. Leave out Caleb? I knew better. "People look at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart."

Samuel said, "I think he should be here for this." (Was that a twinkle in his eye?)

I found Caleb in his room. His creations, each a different color, were in a perfect line across the floor.

As I walked with Caleb downstairs Samuel's smile grew. "This one!" He beamed, pointing out the boy who doesn't speak, ride a bike or like meeting new people. "Now there's a remarkable future!"

Samuel carefully poured the oil. He gently held Caleb's face in his hands and spoke promises and blessing. He took my hand and spoke courage. It was beautiful.

The Basketball game is back on and Facebook statuses are updated. As life picks up where it left off I wonder, "What will the future hold?"

I don't know what Caleb's journey will be. But then neither would I have known the path of a shepherd boy who became a great king.

Each of us has a small shepherd boy in our lives. It may be a family member, friend or neighbor. It may even be you. May God give us courage to see the startling significance of even the most unlikely.


Krista said...


Barb Ludy said...

Your ability to get me to think deeply in a short vignette is truly a gift from God, Rene. Use it.
I am glad you are past your writers block. BARB

MichaelWehage said...

OMG! So Beautiful! That really speaks to the heart, and is so true!

KarenKTeachCamb said...

This is beautiful Rene! It is also so true. Caleb is special, and who knows what he will show us in the future. Keep writing Rene. Thank you for this gift to us.