Friday, March 23, 2012

Kosal is 16!

This month we celebrated Kosal’s birthday at the restaurant of his choice – BBQ Chicken!

A tradition we’ve enjoyed sharing with the guys is writing down all the things they did for the first time that year. It’s a fun to see the new experiences and opportunities at each age.

Our conversation developed from new things Kosal did this year to new things he’s learned. 9th grade choir came up. Kosal started out being miserable in the school choir but by the end of the semester loved it so much he wished he could take it again. What changed?

He said, “I learned that if I put the time into something, something good will come out.”

Wow! Kosal isn’t the little 5th grader we met four years ago – he’s a young man. What a joy to celebrate his life! What a privilege to watch him grow!

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