Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bible Stories with Caleb

I’ve been reading “beginner” Bibles with Caleb. You know, the kind that starts out, “Hi, my name’s Adam. I see the sun God made.” I love reading with Caleb but sometimes I find myself wondering if the Bible will ever be more to him than a collection of colorful pictures. What if these simple stories are all he ever understands?

I want so much more for Caleb. I want him to notice the glory of creation. I want him to marvel that he was made in the image of God. Above all else, my heart’s desire is for him to know God.

Maybe this longing is in God’s heart too, not just for Caleb, but for all of us. Jesus once said to his disciples, “I have many things to say to you but you are not ready to hear them.” (John 16:12) His infinite greatness and goodness, His marvelous and intricate plans for our lives are more than this limited mind can hold. When it comes to knowing God, maybe I’m not as far ahead of Caleb as I think. But God doesn’t give up. He teaches us where we are. He leads us and cares for us, bending down to feed his children. (Hosea 11:4)

I keep reading with Caleb and my own heart is touched. In Daniel and the Lion’s Den we learn, “God is strong enough to take care of me.” In Joseph in Egypt we read, “Some days are happy. Some days are sad. But don’t worry, God is always with you.” I am slowly learning that truth, faith and courage are just as profound spoken in simple words as big ones.

Caleb and I may read “beginner” Bibles for a long time. That’s okay. No matter how much or little we understand, no matter how fast or slow we learn, God is always real. He cares for us, bending down to feed our hearts and minds, teaching each of us who He is, right where we are.


Christiana said...

Beautiful post.

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Great post Rene. This post reminded me of the time Caleb and I sat on a bench feeding fish in a pond. He was getting so excited. We may never know this side of heaven how much he really does understand, but God knows, and praise God that He loves Caleb (and the rest of us) just exactly where we are, no matter what our level of "understanding".

Barb Ludy said...

What a powerful lesson to learn...I have often wondered about how God continues to be so patient with me as I am so slow to learn...He is so vast and so magnificent and I believe it really isn't about head knowledge anyway, its knowing that the one who made the heavens lives in me...He just simply wants me to acknowledge that fact and let Him live and do!