Monday, May 7, 2012

Hocklee at Kendo

If you could do anything in the next 12 months, what would it be?

We asked Hocklee this question last year on his birthday. There were several things he wanted to do. One of them was to take a martial arts class.

A few weeks ago we celebrated Hocklee's 19th birthday. We also celebrated the achievement of every goal he set last year, including studying the martial art Kendo.

Hocklee has learned a lot in Kendo. Even though it's challenging one of his new goals is to stick with it this year too. Hocklee says,

"Kendo isn't about fighting; it disciplines your character to help in other areas of your life. In Kendo I am focused on one thing - the subject of Kendo. This helps me focus on other vital skills in my life and not be distracted when I'm learning new things. The fun part is that it's challenging and it makes me try harder because I want to get better. I have learned to have confidence in myself and the goals I set."

We are so proud of Hocklee's perseverance! It will be exciting to watch him pursue his new goals for this year!

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